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Mephisto Me Please

Posted on 24 January 2019

Mephisto pushed her down on their makeshift bed of leaves and the bones of his enemies. She resisted as much for the pride of her people as for herself, but once he caught her in his steely gaze her compound eyes couldn’t help but betray her yearning, “a thousand times, yes”. By day she might be a princess of her people, but tonight she was just a womant.

He laid his engorged demonhood over one quivering thigh. The long awaited touch broke the creaking dam inside of her, and the thrill of it gushed through her flesh from claw to mandible.

When Mephisto laid his other cock across her other carapaced thigh, she couldn’t hold back a chirrup of pleasure. As quick as it began, she was immediately hushed by Mephisto’s thick digit over her gnashing mouthparts and, as he leaned close to her, her abdomen burned with her need and desire and the thrumming beat of her dorsal aorta. In his deep, mysterious voice, he whispered one word.